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NCCFFI at the Yuba River Jubilee

Thanks to those who visited us in the NCCFFI booth at the Yuba River Jubilee 2017 this past weekend!

A big thanks to Jon Baiocchi and Lance Gray and Company who did a fantastic job of getting fly fishers together to help out for conservation issues in the area.

Thanks also to:

Celebrities - Lincoln Gray, Clay Hash, Hogan Brown, Chuck Ragan, Jon Baiocchi, Mac Noble, Lance and Kirsten Gray, Darin Elmore, Alex Ramirez, and Tom Page.

Exhibitors - Sierra Stream & Mountain Fly Shop, Fly Fishing Traditions, Cast Hope, Hogan Brown Fly Fishing, South Yuba River Citizens League, Truckee Trout Unlimited Chapter 103, Gold Country Fly Fishers, Fish First Fly Shop, and Reel Anglers Fly Shop.

Tailgate Presentations & Demonstrations - Clay Hash (Classes at Sierra College), Jon Baiocchi (The Yuba River), Tom Page (Building Indicator Rigs), and Mac Noble (Switch Rod Demonstration on the Water).

Photo courtesy of Frank Rinella

Jubilee Booth 2017

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President's Message - Get to Know the FFI

President's Message - Get to Know the FFI

The International Federation of Fly Fishers has formally announced on April 3 that it has legally changed its name to Fly Fishers International. This change will affect all 17 U.S. councils and all international affiliate organizations. They also renamed the Academy to the Learning Center to better explain its functionality. Please visit their new web site to learn about all the details.

This change will also affect the U.S. councils and they will be required to legally change their name in the state of domicile. There are many new programs the FFI is implementing that will add benefits to the individual member with no additional costs to him/her. The documentation changes for both the FFI and individual councils will probably last for more than one year. Paper and electronic documentation will require a large effort and a sizeable expense.

After a fantastic rain and snow fall over this past winter, spring snow run off will probably still create some challenges to the fly fishing environment for the next few months. But this should probably create great conditions for fishing, both in northern and southern California over the next year or more. So, the late fishing this year is still a big positive to our sport and have patience.

We must be very diligent as the future could hold many changes to rules, regulations and laws affecting rivers, lakes and fish. Lend your letter support and participation to efforts that involve protection for these places and species at both a state and national level.

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CfR Thanks River Helpers

CfR NorCal Logo

From Rebecca Blair w/CfR:

I would like to thank everyone who responded to our call for additional River Helpers and to those who referred potential River Helpers. It is obvious you care and were concerned that we had enough River Helpers. Your concern is much appreciated and, thanks to your help, we were quickly able to "replenish" our River Helper team for the April retreat.

That said, I love that you act as CfR ambassadors, so please don't hesitate to encourage other potential River Helpers to apply online.

If any potential recruits have questions about becoming a River Helper, encourage them to email me at

We are planning two retreats this year and hope to continue this in future years, making it likely we will need more River Helpers. You are the best!

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Western Rivers Conservancy Spey-O-Rama

WRC Spey o Rama 960Wide

The Western Rivers Conservancy will host a table tomorrow at the Spey-O-Rama at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club. This three-day event is the world championship of Spey casting and brings together some of greatest two-handed casters from around the world.

Jim Cox, the WRC’s Director of Donor Relations, will be on hand at our table Friday and Saturday during the event. Please swing by and say hello, and we’ll fill you in on our current projects. In California, WRC has active projects on the Klamath River, Scott River, South Fork Antelope Creek, and the Little Sur, Mojave and Santa Margarita rivers.

What:  Spey-O-Rama
When: April 21-23, 2017 (WRC on site April 21-22)
Where: Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

After-Event Gathering with Lost Coast Outfitters

Following Spey-O-Rama, George Revel of Lost Coast Outfitters will host a special event in honor of the WRC. Please join George, Jim and other friends of the WRC for drinks, food, conversation and a presentation on our most recent projects.

Where: Casting Club Lodge
When:  Friday, April 21, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

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Oakland Casting Club Gear Demo

Oakland Casting Club Gear Demo

OaklandCCLogoThe Oakland Casting Club will host several fly fishing tackle manufacturers and their products at the Leona Casting Pools on June 3, 2017. Gear, including singe- and two-handed rods will be available to cast with lines from various manufacturers. The current lineup includes Temple Fork Outfitters, Ballistic Flylines, LTS Flyfishing, and a local rod builder.

The event is expected to start at 9 a.m. and run through 4 p.m. Leona Casting Pools are located in McCrea Memorial Park at 4469 Carson St. in Oakland. Entry is free and fly fishing club members and guests are welcome. Casting assistance will be available. For any questions, contact Luis Montes at

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Fly Fishing Film Tour

FlyFishingFilmTour2017 Gold Country FF

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Friends of the River

Activate Your Inner Advocate!

The River Advocacy Training School (RATS) prepares advocates to be knowledgeable about water issues, channel their motivation/expertise as change makers and help build a vibrant river protection community. The best advocates are people who are ready to learn, try new things and dive in to help turn the tide for our rivers!

If you're interested, contact Toby and let her know. She'll work out an individual deadline for you. If you meet it she’ll accept your application.

Friends of River Logo

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Join the IFFF

Join the International Federation of Fly Fishers

The Voice of Fly Fishers Everywhere

If you love fly fishing and wish to propagate and protect it, the IFFF is for you. Through grass-roots and international programs in education, conservation, and opportunities to meet, fish, and work with fellow fly casters, you'll enrich your own fishing experiences.

Your voice, in concert with other IFFF members, will be a strong force in guaranteeing healthy ecosystems for fish and fishing.

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About Us

We're Part of the International Federation of Fly Fishers

When you join the NCCFFF you are really joining the International Federation of Fly Fishers, an international organization dedicated to fly fishing exclusively. The IFFF motto is "All fish, all waters", and they mean it—and so do we. No matter where you fly fish, in a green pond for bluegill or in a blue sea for sailfish, the IFFF is your best advocate to promote and preserve fly fishing.

The NCCFFF serves the fish and fly fishers of the northern parts of California as well as Nevada, the Hawaiian Islands and Guam.

We are a 501(c)(3) [Fed. Id. #94-3124970]

Our Fun Side

The fun begins with going fishing. You may do it alone, or with a buddy, or as part of a fly fishing club—whatever suits you. The NCCFFF doesn't sponsor fishing trips, but many of its affiliated clubs do. Even so, when you go fishing, the NCCFFF can be there with you: in the fly you learned to tie at an NCCFFF fly tying event, the casting you improved at a casting clinic, the fishing strategies you learned at Conclave seminars, and on it goes...

Fly fishers seem to like each other's company. We swap stories, we share knowledge, we have fun together, and we work together to protect fishing resources. Join us.

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