We have encountered some VA sites where the staff did not want the (In-house) patients to have the flies with hooks in them. Thought that the solution would be tube flies that way the patient tier can keep their work in the room and there is no danger to themselves or anyone else.
So I bought a simple tube tying tool and some tubes, and it is a cinch with two hands. Then Gene & I talked about, hey wonder how it would be to tie one handed? Here are the 1st four tube flies I know of tied strictly with one hand on the OHFTS/EGH.
Q-Tips with plastic bodies are the same tubing exactly as is found in the tube tying kits & a lot cheaper.
Q-Tips can come in blue or vanilla colored bodies – suggest the vanilla colored (CVS carries them).
Tying the OH knot in the rubber legs was the biggest challenge. Will have to put up a video of that – cannot explain it in simple enough terms.
Tying flies that would be found on #8 & larger patterns produces decent looking and fishable flies.
Ken Brunskill, Chairman
Veterans First Fly Fishing

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