Northern California Council Federation Fly Fishers - Conservation Report  (1/12/14)
1.Monitored FERC Relicensing of New Exchequer and McSwain Dams on the Merced River.
2.Opposed HR 934, which would remove Wild & Scenic Status from the Merced River to allow for possible expansion of McClure reservoir by the Merced irrigation district (MID). 
3.Monitored FERC Relicensing of Don Pedro Dam on the Tuolumne River – in particular FERC’s decision on whether a non-FERC dam (La Grange), which blocks salmon and steelhead passage, will be included in the relicensing.  
4.Worked with Environmental Water Caucus (EWC) & Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) to shape a responsible water export plan for California’s San Francisco Bay Delta.
5.Supported Coastal Habitat Education Environmental Restoration (CHEER) Fish Rescue Permitting Issues.
6.Worked with Middle Fork American Working Group & Foothill Anglers Coalition to improve flows in the Middle Fork of the American River.
7.Worked with Trout Unlimited & Cal Trout to achieve fishable flows in all but the wettest years in the McCloud River.
8.Continued seeking Wild & Scenic River status for Tuolumne River above Don Pedro Dam and agreements to allow the return of Salmon & Steelhead below the Dam.
9.Worked with Foothill Anglers Coalition & Nevada Irrigation district for better flows for fish in the Upper Yuba River.
10.Continued monitoring Secretary of Interior decision on removing dams on the Klamath River.
11.Helped craft the language the Department of Fish and Wildlife has accepted providing canopy corridors and road setbacks for California Forestry Practices, including better Timber Harvest Plans – resulting lower runoff into streams.
12.Helped establish a more efficient fish counting system on the Smith River.
13.Actively supported efforts to return anadromous fish to Alameda Creek and Permanente Creek.  Monitored efforts in the San Geronimo Valley habitat legal battles. 
14.Acted as fiscal agent for Striperfest, argued in support of science regarding striped bass predation on listed species vs. the speculation presented by the Delta water export contractors, and supported better management for our fisheries by State and Federal agencies to insure sustainability.
15.Worked with American River Operating Group & Healthy Water Forum to improve river conditions and to improve riparian habitat.

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