Veterans First Fly Fishing (VFFF)

Veterans First Fly Fishing (VFFF) essentially is a growing group of men and women Fly Fishers from Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers (NCCFFF), who conduct and/or participate in Fly Fishing Workshops for our veterans.Vets1st

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Fremont, CA 94536

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Ken Brunskill
National VFFF Chairman

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Veterans First and Fly Fishing is What We Do
Hundreds of disabled veterans, both the physically disabled and those with PTSD, are finding peace and rehabilitation with the Veterans First Fly Fishing program. Fly fishing aficionados will be especially interested in seeing the adaptive fly-tying equipment designed for veterans who have the use of only one hand. This is an inspirational and interesting show for everyone, fishermen or not.
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Show # 390, recorded at KMVT Studios, Mountain View, California, June 24, 2013
Veterans Now Tying Tube Flies
Tube Flies 

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